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Monday, May 31, 2010

Couple Tee Long Sleeve

Remember this entry pasal our first couple tee? Well, I dapat comment from on of the blogger, she said...it'll be good if they sell it long sleeved. Well guess what? I stumble upon this website time tengah main games kat Facebook. hehe

They sell couple T yang cute. Macam yang ni...

 Siap Ultraman ngan Wondewomen. Hikhik.

Images from Couple's Store

Yang long sleeve pon ada, tapi tak banyak choice. Do check them out yeah? ^_*

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Designer & Birthday

Well....I think my blog should be changed from b2b blog to birthdays blog.Harap-harap takde yang bosan. XP

Anyway...I have to mention this. Because it's my fiance's birthday today. ^_^ O yeah...he's one month younger than me. O my...I'm such a cougar. Haha. Not exactly.

Image Source
Contoh "Cougar" yang famous. hehe

So..seperti tahun-tahun yang lalu...tak pernah nya dapat sambut our birthday on time. Sebab nya...our birthdays...even on different months....tetap jatuh pada hari yang sama setiap tahun....& kebiasaan nya  hari kerja and he's not around. For example, like this year...if my birthday was on Wednesday...his birthday will be on Wednesday too. Tak caya? Cuba check! 28 April & 26 May. Hikhik. 

Nasib baik  his birthday kali ni dia tak naik plant macam tahun lepas...kalau tak...terseksa lah I menahan panahan rindu. haha

Tapi...takpe..I tak kisah. Dah get used to it since...forever. hihi =P Seperti biasa, kami celebrate through 3G je. (OMG....minah Pakistan kat lab I ni tetiba nyanyi kuat-kuat. Terkejut okeh -_-" ) hikhik. Sambung balik. Nanti dia balik KL esok, baru kami plan nak celebrate kat mana. Tapi biasanya pergi makan je la. hihi.

Okay okay. Enough with birthdays talk. hehe. Actually, I think I did mention about meeting our designer few entries ago. So...I was so happy last Monday to actually received an email from him regarding the dress sketches. Sangat happy. My first impression kat dia since my first sms was that...he's very talented and I think he will succeed int his fashion industry. He replied my emails and smses pretty promptly. Takde la buat I tertunggu-tunggu kan?! ^_^

Then on our first meet up, dia dah sketched banyak designs based on what I have in mind. So guys, untuk menjimatkan masa, do contact your designer through email prior to meet up...then through your email, hantar contoh-contoh designs yang you want/like. From that, your designer boleh sketch and tunjuk the sketches on your first meet up. 

I dah dapat all the sketches.....tapi my fiance and I belum lagi decide which one that we like. I think by next week I boleh reply his email untuk confirmkan design. (Sebab I tak boleh buat decision sorang-sorang tanpa persetujuan/izin my fiance) :P .Seterusnya, boleh la minta quotation. 

After that....kain hunting! yeay! I've been waiting for this. Tak sabar tak sabar tak sabar. hikhik. Cepat-cepat la that moment comes. hihii

Monday, May 24, 2010

Cinderella's Pumpkin

Good morning. ^_^

I think, dalam banyak-banyak wedding yang I attended....I just can't forget this one wedding throne yang sangat cantik...it was my fellow schoolmate, Udect's. Her wedding concept was fairy tale garden. I'm not sure who's her decorator was....but I'm pretty sure it was Nurul Shukor's or something (coz she said she trusted no one except Nurul Shukor) =P

The wedding was held in December last year at MITC, Melacca. It was nice.The fairy tale mood was everywhere. When we arrived at the floor level of the Grand ballroom, there was this small Cinderella's carriage greeted you after u reached the floor from the escalator. I was jaw-dropped to see this one. I was like...what the ****...can anyone get into that thing or was it just for decoration? hihi

 All pictures are taken from her facebook

But apparently you can sit in that thing.Awesome.

If I knew it anytime sooner....Queen W and me myself dah naik atas tu camwhoring. huhu T_T Along the way to the grand entrance, the hallway was decorated in a lot of arcs using fresh flowers.

Then there were four fairies greeted you in the grand entrance wearing off-white dresses. They are her bestfriends and our ex-schoolmate too.

After passing by the fairies (=P), there's the high table made of the normal round table...but beautifully decorated garden-like-settings.

Excited to see the throne? See it yourselves. ^_*

Kat tepi pelamin tu ada cake. Lotsa tingkat. She later told us that the cake were all dummy except for the base. No wonder cake tu siap ada burung-burung bagai. haha XD baru je nak minta sikit nak makan. haha XD

The pelamin was awesome alright. But for me I prefer something that's more practical. Something that allow your guess berdiri kat pelamin dengan mempelai tanpa perlu berasak-asak.

All of us Samurian girls and mamas

See what I meant? Hehe. For me, it's ok to have your dream wedding throne...but let it be practical so that guests boleh bergambar dengan u both and still menampakkan pelamin u yang sangat gorgeous. ^_* But then again....brides can have whatever they wanted...coz it's their wedding day. Agree? ^_^

p/s: I love black wedding dress. ^_*

Friday, May 21, 2010

Need Replies

( Picture from source)

I nak minta tolong kat my "Chronicle of Bridezillas" yang kat atas tu, I nak link u all balik dalam blog I ni...tapi selalu tak jumpa your links.

So I hope you girls boleh leave your comments kat entry ni...so that I boleh link your blog balik ye. ^_^ Thank u in advance. ^_^

p/s: I sangat suka baca blog orang. If tak dapat comment, singgah baca pon jadilah. ^_^

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Untuk B2B Rendah

Entry khas untuk kawanku si Queen W yang risau kerana kekecilan nya menyebabkan dia susah nak pilih cutting baju. Hehehe...

(Aiseh...tak boleh embed la pulak....sila tengok kat youtube ye. Ni LINK dia)
Picture from VLC snapshot

The girl in the video is only 4 and half feet tall. Hope this helpfull. ^_^

p/s: I LOOOOOOVE "Say Yes To The Dress"

Wedding Inspiration: Love Story

Hi all!

Semalam takde entry sebab I stayed at home buat kerja. My work involved processing banyak graphs and data, so I need a powerful PC processor. My fiance belikan PC tu untuk letak kat rumah kami nanti. ^_^ Buat masa ni I guna dulu untuk siapkan my research. Sweet kan? hehe

I love Taylor Swift! wahhh! Tiba-tiba. Hehe..

Bukan nya apa, besides lagu-lagu dia yang sedap tu....I selalu usha her make up and also music videos. Sangat gorgeous. Even my fiance pon suka Taylor Swift...he said her face macam barbie doll. ^_^

So...let me show u guys MV from her single entitled Love Story. Boleh buat idea untuk wedding. ^_^

For those yang buat English theme tu boleh la dapatkan idea from this MV. hehe. For example, her dress....

 Image from source

Image from source

Image from Source

Lampu tu ke....letak as centerpiece pon cun...
Image from Source

The theme color ke....white + gold

Image Source

 Or her settled make up...sweet je ^_^
Image from snapshot

Or even this handsome guy as the groom...theheheeee...
Image from snapshot

Tapi mesti kecil hati laki masing-masing if ambil this guy jadi groom. hikhik. ^_^ Selamat menjayakan wedding masing-masing ye. ^_^ hehe

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Our Reception Hall

I think I haven't yet spill any details on our reception. But I think some of the readers ada terbaca mana-mana entry I yang cakap pasal hall kan? ^_* 

So...yup...my reception will be kat dewan and my fiance's reception kat rumah. 

Hall hunting is sooo crappy bila your wedding will be held on hot dates...like this year....date 10.10.10..or November...and even December where sekolah start cuti etc etc.

Originally, we planned to get married on 20 October on Wednesday and have our reception on the following Saturday. But we couldn't really finalized the date until before our engagement because of my fiance's nature of work. Yup..that's true, people! I have to squeeze in the wedding in his busy schedule. If not...tak kahwin la kami. Sob sob.

I start hall hunting few weeks before my engagement somewhere in February and trust me....sangat susah. Terutama Community Centres (aka Pusat Komuniti...after this will be known as CC. Community hall  aka dewan serbaguna is another story). DBKL punya CC almost fully booked during our hall hunting. Sangat susah...kami pergi merata tempat nak cari hall....and called sana sini to confirm the date. Hot places like TTDI CC and Bukit Damansara CC...jangan harap lah nak pakai on  October onwards if tak book one year before. 

Like seriously babe....I at that time have no freaking idea kena book setahun awal. Rasa nak mengangis je sebab tak jumpa hall. 

If u guys tak tahu lagi....DBKL punya CC sangat affordable. Deposit untuk semua CC under DBKL is RM 300. The hall renting is only RM 800. Beza dari satu CC ke satu CC yang lain is the price of renting the carpet which is compulsory in each CC. Example...Bukit Damansara CC yang squarefeet nya lagi besar dari TTDI CC...carpeting dia akan differ by few hundreds....but yet still affordable. 

Hall under DBKL pun still quite new...so design hall dia cantik with ample parking spaces. That's the no.1 criteria bila I cari hall...sebab I tak nak my guest datang merungut susah nak park kereta.

Nak rent hall kat Uni I ni....punya lah mahal....banquet saja dah RM5,500...tu belum lagi the actual hall yang price dia RM 15,100. perghhhh.....untuk bride yang under tight budget macam I ni...halls macam tu is a big no no.(If dari awal I tahu my pakngah nak sponsor dewan...I dah minta dah hall ni... =P)

Halls under Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS) pulak....I rasa rate dia lagi mahal. Plus the design of the hall itself macam dah lapuk di telan zaman. My fiance memang sangat pantang halls yang macam ni...dia kata macam tempat sembahyang s**h. hehe. And the area around the hall biasanya congested. Susah nak park.

But then, luckily, we've found this one CC near our area yang free on 26 December which is one week delayed from our intended wedding date. Oleh kerana sangat susah nak book hall...kami terus je agreed untuk book the dewan on that date. 

The architecture of the building sangat cantik from outside...tak macam hall pon. Seriously. My parents and PIL pon bila tengok picture hall tu diorang sangat suka.

The ceiling pon cantik...takde lah nampak besi-besi palang kat atas tu macam kat TTDI CC. Then the inside pon quite ok. Tak la besar sangat tapi hall tu boleh consider baru...coz baru dua tahun siap.

So...last few weeks, kami dah measure the hall and the stage. Then...last weekend dah pergi jumpa decorator untuk bayar deposit and bagi measurement. Bukan nya apa...pelamin dewan kena bersesuaian dengan besar stage tu..sebab tu kami beria nak measure the dewan hari tu. 

Then....from the measurement...baru lah boleh confirm kan pelamin pojaan hati tu boleh muat ke tak kat stage tu. So...Alhamdulillah...I dah pass this measurement kat decorator...and pakcik tu kata muat. hehehe.

Hurm...OMG....I dah spilled out the detail....habislah kena marah....ampunkan kami penunggu gua. T_T

Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding Music Video

Hari ni I memang rasa tak best sikit since morning plus my hard disk rosak...tapi I dah start tersenyum bila tengok video ni. teheheeee

I just can't bring myself to imagine me, my fiance, my granny, mama and ayah and everybody do something like this. Sangat funny terutama time the groom start menyanyi...hehehe

Please watch ya. ^_*

Macam different from the other wedding montages yang lain-lain. All u need is courage and cooperation from all family mambers and friends. ^_^

For the previous problem, I dah tahu how to solve it....tapi nak mengheret diri ni pergi ke kedai untuk beli casing hard disk baru...oh so malas. Masih kepenatan dari dealing with the vendors and also survey barang-barang di Nilai3. Rasa macam nak tidur je seharian. Tak dapat bayangkan how my fiance kepenatan terpaksa drive balik ke pantai timur pagi semalam terus ke kerja. Sian nya dia.... T_T

Emosi Terumbang-ambing

Wow..mana nak mula? huuuuu T_T

Emosi I tengah tak stable sekarang ni....

I happy sebab for the last weekend...I dah secure deposit for decorator untuk both receptions....dah book photographer and videographer for those 3 events....and kami dah jumpa our designer for the first time (before this discuss through emails and sms je)....I'm quite happy for those updates. 

Tapi....my external hard disk rosak.... T_T USP port tercabut....huuuuu...sangat sedih sebab all my pictures and tracking for weddings ada dalam tu...all the Save the Date punya project dalam tu....and materials for wedding slideshows semua dalam tu....and the most important part is my work. My master research....updated data semua dalam tu...uwaaaaaaaaaaaa rasa nak nangis.... T_T sob sob sob. I tak tahu la boleh fix ke if I solder cam biasa. T_T huuuuu help help....huhuhuhu.

Oleh sebab I dah berjaya update my wedding checklist.....I  nak mourn over the broken harddisk kejap. tsk tsk....wish me LOTS of luck so that I can retrieved all the things dalam my external hard disk. T_T

Friday, May 14, 2010

Pameran Pengantin: Ampang Point

I'm sure semua dah tahu pasal pameran ni kan? It's held kat Ampang Point sampai hari Ahad ni. I ngan fiance dah pergi pagi tadi (Jumaat).

At first, I takde la menaruh harapan yang tinggi kat Ampang Point nya exhibition...sebab I dah pergi sekali (ke dua kali ntah tak ingat)...and I wasn't very much impressed. Sebab biasanya tak banyak vendors yang buka booth. Tapi kali ni I tengok ada muka-muka baru from photography department. Hehe. 

Sure la I concentrate kat photographer kan...sebab I takde photographer lagi. Both of us macam dah start panic sebab lagi 7 months tapi photographer tak book lagi. Dah la our w-date tu kira cam hot date jugak. huuu T_T

So...yang I nampak and ingat....kat sana ada Catering Nurul Izzah, Seri Melayu, D'Mawar, Seri Angsana and Ikhwan. Kad department ada Kad Lestari and KHR. Bridal boutique.....Nurul Syukor Touch, Dina Halim, Suri Boutique, JEZ Wedding & Craft, Dnshima, & Butik Pengantin RS. 

Photographer I rasa banyak compared dengan yang lepas punya. Muka biasa macam Photolicious mesti ada lah. ^_^ Then ada Krulmatric, CapturedbyIs, MyCuteMoment, LH Media TV and also GI Photoshoot. Tu je yang I ingat. Tapi if tak silap....butik-butik banyak lagi kat situ...tapi I tak ingat la semua. huhu. 

Kami memula nak serbu this one photography vendor...tapi pergi-pergi pameran...takde la pulak vendor ni...terpaksa la survey yang lain. hehehe

Yang pentingnya...I dah jumpa my Decorator.....and dah bayar deposit to secure the date on my side. His side tak jumpa lagi yang berkenan. 

So...I hope kami boleh book the photographer AND videographer esok juga. Nak settle kan yang ni..then boleh rehat sikit. hihihi. ^_^ Wish both of us luck ya. ^_^

Nak share gambar Pameran pengantin dari atas..hehe

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Saya Telah Di Tag!

Tag sepatutnya untuk orang yang dah selamat berlaki....sebab tu I malu la nak jawab tag ni. haha. Tapi I telah di tag oleh Miss Maira - The White Dress masa my birthday lepas. Punya la contemplating nak buat ke tak tag ni. Serious I malu. haha. Ok lah. I sporting ok. So I buat okeh tapi I tukar 'hubby' to 'fiance', boleh?. hikhik

(Image: Source)

1. First time jumpa your hubby fiance bila dan kat mana?
First time jumpa dalam kelas 1N kat sekolah rendah. Time tu 1.1.1991. hikhik
 2. Love at first sight?
Yup. And the biggest crush everrrr

3. Who is he when the 1st time you met him?
He's my classmate and ketua kelas. ^_^
 4. How long it takes for him to ask you out for a date?
OMG....Form 3 hint-hint je. Then lepas SPM baru la dia jemput I pergi dating. hikhik
5. First place dating?

KLCC yo! He's a big fan of Petronas. hahaha XD. Takde la. That time KLCC kurang pack macam sekarang. haha
 6. How he proposed?
Proposed ajak kahwin ke ajak couple? hahaha. Malu la. Nanti-nanti I buat entry khas okay? hihi (konon malu...tapi nak buat entry khas) hahaha
7. Special date with your hubby?

11-02-2002 and definitely 14-02-2010 ^_^ tak sabar nak reset the date to 25-12-2010 ^_^ (banyak nya nombor dua T_T)

8. Changes that he asked you to do?
 To be less cranky. Haha. Emotion macam roller coaster. But I'm calmer now. ^_^
9. What is about him that you love so much?
I love everything about him....he completes me.(suara latar: awwwwwww ) =P Haha. No. I'm actually OBSESSED with him. haha
10. What is about him that you wish he would change?
 I wish he could quit smoking and work out to get that David Beckham's abs. ahhhh sexy *drooling* (But I hate David's arm tho. too skinny. heh) :p
(Image: Source)

11. You will lose your mind and crack your head when he..
1. lost his phone
2. put his phone on silent mode (coz he'll never notice the calls)
3. he didn't answer my calls sebab tertidur (I selalu jadi alarm clock dia...I penah nak kejutkan dia pagi-pagi nak pergi meeting. Time tu dia overnight kat The Traders...sejam setengah I call dia tak bangun...then I terpaksa call hotel and suruh diorang knock on his door. I have to do that...if not dia terlepas meeting yang sangat important) Huuuuu sangat rasa nak gila bila dia tak bangun T_T
12. You will smile through your eyes for the whole day when he....
says something as simple as 'I'm yours forever' or does something like brushing his hair everytime he sees a mirror. LOL.
 13. Complete below sentences, "My love towards your hubby is as big as....
OMG kenapa "My Love" towards "YOUR" hubby? hahaha. Tukar sikit...."My love towards my fiance is as big as"....the world can be, as deep as the ocean underneath, and as high as the sky in the universe.

Cececehhh. dah habis dah. Siapa punya turn pula erk? I nak tag sesiapa yang belum buat tag ni lagi...and to person I tagged kat bawah ni...kamu wajib ya. hikhik
& the newly-wed Faizah

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Hen Night Part 3: Goodie Bags

Today I nak share the goodie bags yang I buat untuk my friend's Hen Night party kat previous entry. ^_^ Nak juga cerita coz I DIY everything. *gedik* hikhik XD

First of all, I buat the goodie bag from maroon-ish satin fabric and grey color organza. 

Maroon satin tu I letak kat dalam and the organza kat luar. I cut them into rectangular shape then I sew both ends supaya jadi bentuk uncang. 

Organza fabric sangat licin, jadi, I guna banyak jarum peniti to hold down the fabric time menjahit. Then I masukkan ribbons untuk ikat uncang tu. Oleh kerana I kekurangan resources, I just used batu-batu yang tampal-tampal tu. Kat ribbon tu I jahitkan pearl (from my broken bracelet) and butterflies supaya tak nampak hujung ribbon yang buruk itu. hehe.

 Goodie bag

Kat dalam entry DIY Sleeping Mask I ada cakap I letak hand corsage kan dalam goodie bag ni...Ni la rupa hand corsage tu..

Hand Corsage

Ribbon pink besar tu sangat panjang. I dah trimmed the ribbon supaya tak panjang sangat. Pelik tak tetiba ada ribbon biru? haha. Sebenarnya, I ngan my friend, Nana, nak cari grey colored ribbon...tapi tak jumpa. Last-last I bedal je color moonlight blue tu. ok la jugak. Nampak la sikit texture. hehe. 

Hand corsage ni dibuat dari hair band. Beli kat Sinma je. tak mahal, 10 keping dalam RM3 je. hehe. Pastu I beli ribbons (per meter) dari bridal shop...then ikat je kat hair band tu. Then nak bagi special, jahit sikit butterfly kat situ. hehe

Tapi I tak jumpa kipas bulu-bulu yang macam dalam goodie bags gathering B2B tu. So I cari the less expensive souvenir yang cute...

Okay, I tak ingat orang panggil apa menda ni. Tapi I loike ^_^

Hehehe....childish. I know. Tapi cute! (Sebenarnya teringin nak beli untuk diri sendiri) hahaha. XD

Wrapped up souvenir

I wrapped them in a nice pink wrap ngan lace paper-yang-I-beli-masa-my-engagement-tapi-tak-guna-tu. So...each of my friend dapat dua hadiah. 

Sila ignore selotep kat atas tu. Sangat buruk T_T

Tapi bila sampai sana, my frien, Jern, bawa souvenir yang dia beli time dia pergi training kat Jepun, key-chain peta Jepun and chopsticks yang cute. ^_^ and my friend, Skin, pun bagi Tobleron sorang satu. Jadi kami dapat banyak hadiah malam itu. hikhik. ^_^

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hen Night Part 2

So..last weekend, I ngan my other five besties pergi celebrate my friend's Hen Night dan bercuti-cuti Malaysia di Swiss-Garden International Resort & Spa, Kuantan. Kami booked family room yang ada dua bilik. Satu bilik queen bed, satu lagi bilik ada dua single bed. Ok la...takde la besar sangat..and tak la kecik sangat. Just nice.

Bertolak dari KL, tentatively pukul 10pagi...tapi sebab my friend pergi servis kereta dia dulu, kami bertolak pukul 11. Ok la jugak...sebab LPT (Lebuhraya Pantai Timur) dah siap, so dalam 3jam je sampai. 
Orang yang di-celebrate, si Aswani datang dari Pekan, sebab dia mengajar kat sana. So kami bertolak 5 orang je. 

Sampai-sampai je, lepas check in, masuk hotel room...camwhoring. hehehe

My besties (I takde dalam gambar. Tak yah teka-teka) hehehe

Biasa lah kan...kalau dah dapat camera. hikhik. Pastu kami pergi jalan-jalan kat East Coast Mall...sebab few of my friends tak bawak legging untuk mandi la...tak bawa tu la ni la...hehehe. Bagus jugak kan...at least boleh la jalan-jalan Kuantan. hehe.

Then, balik dari mall, kami semua terjun laut. hehe...dah lama tak mandi laut. XP Padahal boleh je mandi esok pagi. Tapi sebab nak jugak mandi, walaupun langit dah gelap, kami mandi juga. hehe.

 Lepas I snapped pic ni, I join la diorang. Ingatkan dalam la sangat..sekali..
hek elehhhh...
cetek nye tempat diorang mandi ni. Haha

Then malam nye, kami bersiap-siap nak pergi dinner. Bayangkan la...I buat tentative dinner pukul 8malam. Last-last, pukul 10 malam kitorang baru gerak ke Tanjung Lumpur. Hehe. Bukan nye apa...semua nak melawa...I jadi mangsa make up kan semua. Tu yang jadi lambat tu. Sudahnya, I sendiri tak sempat makeup. haha. Belasah aje lah. Janji diorang happy. hehe

My friend bergaya ala-ala Backstreet Boys. Haha
Si Aswani konon-konon pakai Veil yang I buat tu nak g dinner..last-last malu & tak pakai. haha

 Sotong goreng tepung (imagine sotong tengah menggoreng tepung) hehe. 
Ngan ikan ape-ntah masak sweet sour. Sangat fresh & sedap~~~ ^_^

Oh...btw, foodies kat Tg. Lumpur sangat best and murah. Bayangkan...kami order ikan sweet sour yang besar, sotong goreng tepung, kailan ikan masin, daging masak merah & tomyam seafood. Plus nasi putih and drinks semua dalam RM80 je. haha. I memula ingat dah macam seratus lebih dah. heheheeee

 Licin lancai. hehehe

Balik daripada dinner, semua tukar baju tidur. Sebab theme untuk hen night ni was slumber party. Ok I know I know...they are two different theme...tapi tak kesah la. Layan je. Zassss! hehe

So...may I present the bride-to-be...miss Aswani..hehe
Sorry la ye. Ni je best picture yang dia lengkap ber-sleeping mask+veil+sash. hehehe

cupcakes yang...(I malas nak describe T_T) ngan goodie bags. hehehe

So...lepas masing-masing dah buka all the goodie bags ngan makan cupcakes. I pon keluarkan toilet paper. jeng jeng jeng~~~~ kenapa? hehehe. I ada game untuk diorang. hehehe.

Game nye....bertajuk..."making the bridal dress out of toilet papers". Hehe. I ngan my friend Nana jadi ref. Then lagi empat orang tu...diorang lat tali lat cari partner. Then...inilah hasilnya....

Atas, bridal gown kembang-kembang. hehe. 
Bawah, bridal gown yang sexy & modern. haha

Memang sangat fun. Specially bila my friends yang act as "designer" nak letak tissue tu kat bust "model-model" tu. Terkekek-kekek diorang tahan geli hati and malu. haha. Then, after that...kitorang makan the cupcakes. Then snooze off to bed. Sangat mengantuk & penat. hehe

The next morning, lepas breakfast my friends empat orang terjun mandi laut lagi. I ngan my friend, Shikin tak mandi...sebab I diserang selsema lepas berendam semalam nya plus tidur dalam air-cond plus makan udang. T_T huuuu...bloated okeh muka. huhu

Ni gambar kanak-kanak riang bermain air. hehehe

Hehe...okeh. sampai di sini dulu ye. Sebab after that, kami semua get ready nak bertolak balik KL. ^_^ 

p/s: Nak tahu apa yang I letak dalam goodie bags tu and how I DIY the hen-nyt veil? stay tune.  =P

Friday, May 7, 2010

Happy Mama's Day

Ha...ingat tak Ahad ni Mother's Day? Jangan wat-wat lupa aaa...hikhik. Sempena mother's day...I nak wish these four person yang important in my life a happy mother's day. Jasamu tak ternilai.

First: My granny
I cucu kedua....and cucu first perempuan. Jadi memang manja dengan uwan &  arwah atok. Dia yang jaga I dari kecil sampai besar. Dari dia muda, sihat walafiat, sampai la sekarang ni jalan terhencut-hencut akibat strok 3 tahun lepas. I sayang nenek I. I sanggup hantar nenek I pergi ulang-alik hospital untuk checkup kidney & buat physiotherapy tiap-tiap bulan. Gambar tu we snapped during my convocation. Since my granpa dah takde nak tengok I graduate, my granny yang tolong datang walaupun dia tak berapa sihat. ^_^ I tak kan lupa jasa nenek I ni. Akibat lama sangat di bawah jagaan nenek I...I hanya boleh makan yang pedas-pedas je. Tapi I tak reti cakap nogori eventho orang keliling I cakap nogori. huuu T_T Terima kasih Uwan sebab jaga kakak selama ni.

Second: My aunty, Tante
Ramai orang pelik bila I panggil Tante. Diorang ingat kami ni ada keturunan indon. hehe. Actually she's my mom's youngest sibling. Sepatutnya panggil Maksu. Tapi tante ni lain sikit....so dia suruh kami semua panggil dia Tante. And dia suruh my cousin's punya anak, which is suppose to be her cucu, panggil dia DATIN. Ye...datin. hahahaha. She's my mom's assistant. If anything, dia yang akan tolong jaga kami adik beradik. Tante tak pilih bulu dalam melayan karenah anak-anak buahnya. My mom selalu cakap yang Tante is our second mom. I ingat dulu masa I kecil-kecil, Tante bawa I ngan my cousin pergi lepak kat tempat dia belajar. Bayangkan la time tu umur dia baru 19tahun. Turun naik bas mini bawa dua orang budak kecil. Time dia belajar kat US dulu, I selalu tumpang tulis surat kat Tante through surat Arwah Atok mintak "Tanta(dulu-dulu tak reti eja Tante) belikan skirt tingkat-tingkat macam princess". I love Tante. Semoga Tante bertemu jodoh yang ditunggu-tunggu selama ini. Aminnn...

Third: my future-mom-in-law
I sangat adore this woman. Sebab dia melahirkan seorang lelaki yang sangat hebat di mata I. Sangat penyayang. She makes me feel at home. Dan yang paling penting, dia merestui hubungan kami dari dulu lagi. Terima kasih Aunty.
My FMIL (kiri) and My Mom

Last but certainly not least: My mom
Susah nak describe kat sini macam mana my mom besarkan kami adik beradik. She's a tough women and definitely a role model. She's a fighter. Semoga mama diberi rahmat dan dipanjangkan umur oleh-Nya. Her love is never ending.

I should stop before office ni banjir. Sob sob sob. Enjoy the video ya...bagi ceria sikit.. hehehe ^_^ 

And to all my friends and my blog readers yang buat pertama kali nya meniti pengalaman sebagai Ibu, Ummi, Mama, Mak, or apa-apa je lah panggilan tu untuk anda,...selamat hari ibu. ^_^

Door Gifts

Kat last entry, I terlupa nak attach gambar few door gifts yang I dapat kat those kenduri yang I attended tu. Tapi few je la. Saja nak share kat sini....so that kita boleh dapat idea from theirs kan? hehe

Ni door gift cik Faizah. hehehe. Sangat cute! And the choco taste yummy. ^_^

Yang ni pulak dapat dari kenduri yang kat Melaka tu. My fiance's friend. I suka the usage of telur masin instead of telur biasa or telur pindang. Nampak suci je dalam that green net. hehe. And that balang kecik from IKEA....sangat cute! The candies dalam tu...owh sangat sedap....reminds me of my childhood. ^_^ hehe

Hehe..tu je la yang I boleh share. Nanti-nanti I kumpul lagi update kat sini ye. hehehe. ^_^


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